Hi! I’m Patrick

I am an entertainment blogger

Hi, I’m Patrick from Los Angeles. Originally from Ireland. I’m a medical doctor.  However, I am also a passionate movie lover and have been as far back as I can remember. Growing up in Ireland, I devoured every movie that would come my way, often over a year after it had opened in the US. During my decade of medical studies in Galway, I managed to get a job writing about movies for “In Dublin“ magazine and later, I started writing articles for “The Irish Times”, which I continued to do after I moved here in 1992.

My favorite director is Hitchcock and, fittingly, ”Vertigo” is one of my two all-time favorite movies; the other is Polanski’s ”Chinatown”. I recently started working less hours as a doctor, so I thought that I might try my hand at a Blog.

The blog was born under COVID-19 isolation and has spread it's wings, I think.

@TheBrownees is obviously a play on my name. Thank you all for your kind attention and comments. I can also be found on:

Instagram                        https://www.instagram.com/thebrowneesphotos
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I am also, a proud member of BAFTA.